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Providing excellent service at a competitive price.

Our products are designed specifically with the end user in mind, making professional level security easy for DIY consumers.

Innovation, honesty, and satisfied customer relationships are the core values of our business.

If you don’t realize it, your privacy and security is compromised every day. You will find a variety of products to protect your images, conversations, and information from being compromised. You can also discover information about your partner, children, or employees that effect your life. We also provide the tools to monitor a spouse, partner, lover, child, employee, as they use a vehicle, mobile phone, and computer during the day. You can see where someone has been during the day based on GPS trackers in their vehicle, as well as monitoring their computer, and mobile phone usage.

We know that most of our customers have neither the time nor the expertise to distinguish the quality from the junk. So we pride ourselves on rigorously testing equipment and only featuring the highest quality and most inventive products at the lowest prices possible. If we see a product that doesn’t work well, we simply won’t carry it anymore. Our staff not only tests our products, but uses them out in the field.